Identity Management

Working with the team at SecureKey, I was the lead designer for the UX and UI of their new digital identity product, Verified.Me. Partnered with all of Canada’s major banks, and many financial institutions internationally, Verified.Me is a blockchain-based digital identity management ecosystem.

The Goal

To build on their previous success in creating a web-based blockchain identity management system for banks and government, SecureKey set out to create a mobile identity management for consumers. In order to make this successful, a completely redesign UX and UI were required, along with a significant rethink of the business process to work for busy consumers.

The Approach

We began by transferring the existing identity management flow to a mobile platform, but we quickly realized that significant changes would need to be made to be able to serve consumers in a mobile context. We had to streamline the flow for consumers and take advantage of the unique security options on smartphones to create a truly mobile ID management experience.

The Results

In the end the app we created was highly usable, mobile friendly in every way, and even incorporated various marketing and new business opportunities. The initial launch was very successful, and led to SecureKey’s acquisition by Interac to be integrated into their new online security ventures.

Integrated credit score and identity monitoring. Customers could instantly check their credit score any time, and even enable Identity Monitoring to alert them of any unauthorized access to their credit information.

An example of a flow created to define how credit check and identity management work within the app. Also shows a glimpse of the complexity of interactions between systems that this app handles so smoothly.

App startup screen and logo animation. Making use of marketing imagery and core branding, this intro also showcases the partner bank brand which was so important to how worked.

One of the core animations in the app UX, this shows the experience we created for customers to have some information on what is happening in the backend as their identity is verified using blockchain. This sequence shows how customers would verified services to the app.