Beacon Psychology App

I had the pleasure of working with an exceptional internal team, leading the User Experience design for a groundbreaking new digital platform for psychology. Leveraging the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Beacon delivers quality care for people suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Panic, PTSD, as well as many other mental health concerns.

The Goal

Beacon was created by CBT Associates, a leading Toronto area psychology clinic, to offer psychology services to a much wider range of people in need of mental health services. The challenge was to provide access to professional counseling and psychologist-approved learning materials, as well as encouragement and support, to customers across Canada.

The Approach

My work with Beacon focused mainly on creating an engaging and modern experience for providing psychology services, on desktop and mobile devices. We leveraged bootstrap to provide the framework, and worked collaboratively with developers and psychology experts to develop content that was useful and easy to understand, and made clients want to come back for more. 

The Results

Since launch, the app has helped thousands of Canadians access mental health services and learning materials from wherever they are. Beacon was rolled out during the COVID-19 pandemic and was a key part of the Government of Ontario’s plan to provide psychology services remotely for the first time. Beacon has since been acquired by CloudMD and continues to innovate remote psychology services.


User can access Beacon on desktop and mobile. Features include tracking of progress against therapy goals, easy access to workbooks and learning materials, as well as easy reminders of upcoming remote therapy sessions.

Beacon learning materials include rich imagery and easy to understand content. Educational modules include custom illustrations and beautiful video lesson elements.