I lead the User Experience design with the great team at to redesign and re-imagine their online presence. If you don’t know what is, where have you been? Slice TV, in the words of Shaw Media marketing, “delivers the ultimate entertainment fix, hosting the biggest unscripted reality dramas and movies. Slice is the go-to channel for the topics women can’t enough of from relationships to weddings, money, family and more.”

The Challenge

The existing site was aging rather poorly and needed to be brought up to date with Slice’s fresh, young, fun image. Also, from an editorial perspective, wanted to take their site from a small support site for the online brand to create a bit of a life and presence of it’s own online with fresh content and daily updates. Of course, the new site had to be stylish and elegant – perhaps a little up market from it’s previous incarnation, as Slice’s programming and audience changed over time, as well as fully modern and responsive.

The Process

Over the course of the initial discussions it became clear that there were several if not competing at least simultaneous business objectives that needed to be served by the new site: support the broadcast brand and provide schedule and channel listing information for viewers, as well as deliver the latest full episode video content for a variety of shows on Slice, and find a way to branch into the new, more editorial type of content that users were responding to.


The Results

Over the course of several months, we were able to work out a truly elegant balance between these priorities and deliver a site that truly does the business and looks great doing it.