FIDO Account App

I recently had the amazing opportunity to lead a great team through a complete redesign and rebuild of the Fido My Account app for both iOS and Android, in collaboration with an outstanding internal team at Rogers, as well as some truly talented partners.

The Challenge

The challenges for the app had been significant in the past, having struggled to achieve more than a 1 star rating on the App Store, and generating significant negative feedback from users. Technical and user experience problems were making the app very difficult to use, and equally difficult to support. The brief for the redesign was to build entirely new, native apps for both iOS and Android, and provide an experience that users would want to use, and that would rate five stars in the iOS App Store. No small feat.

The Process

To address theses issues we made extensive use of industry and customer research, as well as conducting several rounds of user testing throughout the design and development process, iterating and revising our design several times.

Initial user testing focused on three basic interface paradigms. I created low fidelity prototypes using the Rogers brand to test these three navigation systems. We conducted testing in person with Rogers customers and front line support agents across the country, as well as extensive remote testing using


In addition to testing with users, we had to socialize the concept and design direction throughout the organization. It was crucial to achieve early buy-in from our executive sponsors. To do this we created a narrative, journey-based presentation to allow our project sponsors to connect with what we were trying to create and how it would benefit customers and the corporation.


Once we had go ahead from our stakeholders, I created a fully interactive prototype for developers to refer to while building the apps. We created full prototypes for both iOS and Android, and continually updated them throughout the extensive build process.


The Results

After months of work and rework, we created an experience that prioritizes user needs, simplifies navigation and integrates advanced mobile technologies like fingerprint ID to make the app something users could really get excited about. We were rewarded with a five star rating in the app store (for the first time ever), and users continue to download and enjoy the new app in huge numbers.

As a result of the launch of the new Fido app and the free data marketing program that used the app as a platform, Rogers Communications received the Digital Edge 50 Award for technology transformation.

The Credits

Concept, project leadership and UX design: Andrew Wardle
Visual Design Lead: Julia Bales